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Our guarantee!

We are happy to provide an exclusive guarantee with all of our transcription services. If your work is not transcribed to your satisfaction we will give you your money back AND pay for a company of your choice to transcribe the work for you! Please click here for more information.

Upload File Instructions

Using our transcription service is simple and quick.

1) First of all, click on the handy red button to the right of this page called "UPLOAD FILE".

This will take you to our workflow server where we use the latest SSL encrypted technology to ensure your files are uploaded safely.

2) Enter a contact email address.

3) Choose your deadline date for the work to be completed by and add any important comments or templates.

4) Choose your preferred upload method: Java uploader (recommended); Flash uploader or Simple uploader.

5) Next, just drag and drop your selected files.

Once we have completed the transcription of your files we will email you the finished documents directly to your email address.

telephone 08001972878

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